Red Panda in Chalk Pastel

Red Panda in Chalk Pastel

Continuing with my recent chalk pastel experiments, and returning to my favourite subject for chalk pastel drawings: fluffy creatures. A red panda 🙂 The base colour of the paper was unexpectedly overpowering and I struggled to get the colours of the log strong enough to counteract it. Next time! I'm please with how the arm … Continue reading Red Panda in Chalk Pastel


Natalia Vodianova in Chalk Pastel

Natalia Vodianova in Chalk Pastel

The photo of the drawing warped the colours a bit but hopefully you get the idea? I didn't capture Natalia's likeness, but it's been a long time since I tried to draw a person in chalk pastel and I'm pleased with how the skin tones worked out.  

Book Review: The Mystery of Princess Louise by Lucinda Hawksley

The Mystery of Princess Louise by Lucinda Hawksley

(goodreads) I got this book from the library and my feelings are so-so about it. It wasn't as engaging as the Massie biography of Catherine the Great, in part because Louise, as the sixth daughter of Queen Victoria, had a lot less power and influence than Catherine the Great. It was interesting as an insight … Continue reading Book Review: The Mystery of Princess Louise by Lucinda Hawksley